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 Bayern Munich              vs            White Star


                   The First Soccer Game Ever Played in "Busch Stadium".

     Bayern Munich 1966 European Cup Winners Cup Champions take on St. Louis White Star Amateur Cup Champions and Missouri State Open Cup Champions on Friday June 27th, 1966 at Busch Stadium. This is the first game other than baseball ever played at the new "Anheuser Busch Stadium". The score was 11-2 for Bayern Munich, at halftime it was 9-0. When I asked George what happened he said "the first half we had to get used to them, we were too spread out. After I talked to them at halftime we came out in the 2nd half and we tied them 2-2." And he said it like his team won the second half. " We tied them 2-2." Sepp Maier was the goalkeeper, Franz Beckenbauer is next to him and Gerd Muller is 3 players down from him, Swarzenbeck is next to Muller in the above photograph. Four players from the German "1974 World Cup" winning team.

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