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                                               "Soccer for Autism"

               Mihaljevic Soccer School is offering classes for                     children with Autism.These classes are all inclusive.

          Parents, brothers and sisters are all welcome and 

          everybody helps everyone. Whether it is your child

          or someone elses. Engagement of the autistic child is

          the primary focus in this class. When this happens           growth and development occur.


All of the drills are very simple and fun. They call for engagement and simple coordination. They are designed so that the autistic child can do the drill by themself or with the help of an adult. 

Where:  The Folsom Sports Complex


When:  Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:15 for 4 weeks.

Fee: $57 / $50 Resident discount

The "Soccer for Autism" class is very rewarding and fun for the student as well as the family.

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