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St. Louis Stars 

     When George Mihaljevic became "Head Coach" of the St. Louis Stars, he and Manager Rudi Guttendorf went to Europe and signed the best European players from Germany, Yugoslavia and Poland. He signed Bora Kostic, Seki Sekularac, Dragan(Don) Popovic, Rast Matic, Ilja Topolovic and Mike Kalicanin from Red Star Belgrad, all who were top European stars. Bora scored over a 1,000 goals in his career. Seki Sekularac was one of the best wingers and dribblers Yugoslavia has ever produced.

    Don Popovic also from Red Star Belgrad became one of the best coaches in the MISL coaching the New York Arrows, St. Louis Storm and Golden Bay Earthquakes. Kasi Frankiewicz from Poland played with Johan Cryuff for Ajax, and settled in St. Loius.

    They also signed World Class goalkeeper "Miguel De Lima" from Brazil. (Pictured with Pele and George in the Photos). George also brought his best "White Star" amateur players onto the team for their first taste of Professional Soccer. Pat Mcbride, Carl Gentile and Carl Schwarzen.

What a great opportunity for St. Louis talent.

"Santos of Brazil" featuring "Pele"        vs           "St. Louis Stars" 1967


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