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    Folsom Sports Complex



Fridays  5:15-6:45                    




     Mihaljevic Soccer School


Mihaljevic Soccer School is a year round soccer school focusing on the fundamental skills, techniques and tactics of the game of soccer.


Training sessions:


   4 - 90 minute sessions. 1 x week for 4 weeks.


The fee is $100 dollars for the 4 sessions. The sessions are done in small groups so there can be an emphasis on individual player development. The training will focus in two areas:


1. Perfection of technique and form in the execution of movements with and without the ball. 


2.  How is the player thinking? How are they assessing the game they are playing and designing small drills to improve their tactical awareness and ability.


Individual Training is 1 on 1. The fee is $100 an hour for 4 sessions. The total is $400 for 4 one hour sessions. The individual sessions will focus on a perfection of technique and form. An assessment will be made and a focus will be on creating an all around technically complete player while at the same time noticing the special gifts each player may have and developing their indivdual gifts and strengths as well.



Below are a few of the sample pictures of the history of George Mihaljevic and the Mihaljevic Soccer School.There are entire pages that are dedicated to George Mihaljevic, Missouri Mules, White Star and St. Louis Stars soccer teams. Simply place the cursor over Mihaljevic Soccer School in the directory bar and a drop down box will open up and then click on the page you wish to view.

Thank you for visiting Mihaljevic Soccer School.

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