Welcome to Mihaljevic Soccer School, the first soccer school in the United States. Founded in St. Louis,Mo. in 1967 started by Joe's father George Mihaljevic. George studied under Hennes Weisweiler at the Sportschule in Koln, Germany in 1966. Hennes heralded George as the best coach he had in the past 10 years. At that time George was the coach for the St. Louis Stars of the NASL (North American Soccer League.)  Hennes Weisweiler was voted the second best

 "Coach of the Century" behind Rinus Michels of Holland.
























George opened Mihaljevic Soccer School in 1967 and coached over 2,000 children in the St.Louis area over the next 10 years. From 1967 to 1977 a St.Louis based college team won the NCAA Division I Collegiate title. Either St. Louis University or SIU Edwardsville, Illinois. Many of these players were trained and influenced by George during this time. Helping to set a standard of soccer play that put St. Louis at the pinnacle of soccer in theUnited States.
















     Joe has learned the key points and elements of the game by living with and training with an absolute Master of the game of soccer, someone who sees the game of soccer with absolute clarity. Learning all of the finer details of teaching technique, form and skill of mastering all of the elements of dribbling and striking the ball. As well as all of the rich knowledge of tactics and strategy that are involved in the game of soccer.  Joe is continuing where his father left off teaching the youth of the Folsom and Sacramento area.



Below are a few pictures from the Missouri Mules, White Star and St. Louis Stars soccer teams. If you would like to see more pictures and articles, each team has an entire page dedicated to just that team with all the pictures and news paper articles that we have on each team. To access these pages, click on "Mihaljevic Soccer School" and the teams will appear in a drop down format. Simply click on the team you wish to view. Thank you for visiting Mihaljevic Soccer School. 


Joe Mihaljevic

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