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Alex Ferguson shows if there is just one man in a club who believes with his whole heart and soul that he is unbeatable he can create a dynasty. This state of mind is then transmitted and transferred to all around him, players, staff, board, owners. They all can become infected with this new mindset. This is now the new standard on how we think, feel, behave and interact. Many coaches in the Premiere League lack this most crucial element in their portfolio as a coach. With this you can achieve everything, without it you could have all the knowledge in the world and still not be successful. It is like having "Miracle Grow" for your plants to grow their strongest and healthiest. I will add much more at a later date for this man but for right now this to me is most important and vital.

"Computational Awareness"

 The ability to process information peripherally while still concentrating on your primary focus. An example is you are concentrating on the ball in your opponents foot 2 feet away from you and at the same time you are able to process information about what is going on with the players and movement around you. This is a skill that takes years to perfect. Designing drills that develop this skill is never a waste of time. Example; 8v8, 30yd x 40 yd, 4 goals played with 3 balls, you can score from the front of the goals or the back of the goals, no out of bounds, players must decide when and where to defend, when and where to attack. They must process information peripherally and decide. 3 different scenarios are taking place at all times, and always changing. Then a regular game is easy.

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