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"The Vision on the inside matches the works on the outside."

What a wonderful year to look at Manchester United. You get to see a new established coach step into a team that won the league and he has the same exact players but with a few quality additions. And look at what a disaster that took place just because the man in charge did not have quite the same guidance. It is like playing a guitar with 22 different strings. Each string represents an important quality, comittment, discipline, confidence, cultivating a winning attitude and keeping it. With each string the tone has to be set just right, or the performance is going to be different. And just like a beautiful guitar, when it is perfectly tuned it plays beautiful music. When the elements of the team are all tuned to the right degree the team can play beautiful soccer. Often times a coach brings his pattern of winning , losing, working hard for ties to the new team he coaches. For me David Moyes pattern of winning is not quite the same as Alex Ferguson's. Therefore he did not get his players to respond and play at the same level as Sir Alex. It is a very subtle fine tuninig adjustment. But at the same time it is still very clear and very evident. There is alot to be learned as a coach by just looking deeply into this situation and this year without probably the "Coach of the Century' for last century and our current one.


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